Combining political expertise with strong political backgrounds means you can trust Tuesday Digital to build a winning strategy. We understand that selling products and services is different than connecting to voters and communities. We will work together, join your team, and help you reach your goal.

Digital Advertising

Tuesday Digital specializes in digital advertising for political campaigns. We set ourselves apart by uniquely combining commercial digital advertising expertise with winning political campaign strategies. 

  • Professionally certified Facebook, Google, and Snapchat Ads specialists
  • Leverage Tuesday Digital’s direct partnerships with major advertising platforms to ensure your campaigns are running without any issues
  • Custom-built advertising plans based on your budget and goals

Content Production

Tuesday Digital has built a network of vetted creative professionals to produce the best possible content for your campaign. We produce:

  • Campaign videos
  • Photoshoots and headshots
  • Custom graphics for social media and newsletters
  • Websites


View more videos produced by Tuesday Digital on YouTube.

Voter Data & Audience Building

Tuesday Digital invests heavily in ensuring we have the most comprehensive and up-to-date voter data available to our clients. We partner with private and public data sources to create custom voter datasets that can be used for digital advertisement targeting, mail plans, volunteer walking lists, fundraising prospects, and much more. Everything we do centers around ensuring we reach your voters where they spend time with messages that resonate with them personally.